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A Traveler’s Guide to Guatapé : Colombia’s Breathtaking Lakeside Getaway

Guatapé is a colorful little town that sits right on Embalse El Peñol-Guatapé , one of the largest and most beautiful lakes in Colombia. To get to Guatapé , you need to take a two-hour bus ride from Medellín’s Terminal Norte, which you can easily access by taxi or metro. The world-famous La Piedra del Peñol is a massive rock that dominates the landscape of Guatapé .

22 Things to do in Guatapé, Colombia

If you’re visiting Medellín then a side trip to Guatapé is a must! Here’s everything you need to know about visiting Guatapé, Colombia including the best things to do, how long you should stay, and more!

Ready To Plan Your Visit?

Learn more about visiting Guatapé and how to get there! 

Guatapé – Piedra del Peñol

An easy 2 hours bus ride from Medellín is the little town of Guatapé . Named after an indigenous, Guatapé has been built by the the Spanish in early 18th century. It was the centre of the region for agricultural and farming. In the 60s a dam and lake were built around the city and most of the town live around that and also around tourism with people from Medellín coming for the weekend.

What I Wish I Knew Before Climbing A 650-Foot-Tall Rock In Colombia

In South America, in the beautiful Andean town of Guatapé, “the rock” is a much different experience, albeit one that still delivers stunning 360-degree views.

Guatapé Colombia: Travel Guide (2022)

Guatapé is a municipality in Colombia, located in the department of Antioquia, 1h30 hours from Medellín. A world-famous destination for being the town of the “Zocalos” and the home of the Piedra del Peñol. While the Piedra del Peñol is undoubtedly one of the best viewpoints in Colombia and the world.

History of Guatapé

Guatapé is a little town located in the Antioquia department in Colombia. It is known as one of the most colorful and beautiful towns in the country. 

Guatapé & Piedra Del Peñol: The Best Day Trip

Are you looking for the best one-day trip from Medellín? What about a beautiful colonial town Guatapé and nearby stunning monolith offering wonderful views, Piedra del Peñol? Read our travel guide on visiting Guatapé and Piedra del Peñol, including tips on how to get there from Medellín, the best things to do, what to expect, and how much things cost.