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Schenkar | Colombia

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Welcome To Your New Paradise


We are proud to announce the newest member of the Schenkar Luxury Homes International Portfolio. This project, located in Guatapé, Colombia, is a profound example of our most complex engineering abilities paired with bespoke architectural style.

Located high in the Andes mountains on a beautiful fresh-water reservoir, this home exemplifies the true luxury that the Schenkar brand has been known for over 25 years. We design and build custom homes to meet our client’s exact specifications, design tastes, and preferred aesthetics. Schenkar Luxury Homes can be built in any location of your choosing around the world bringing our expertise, resources, and renowned quality worldwide.

This home is located on 1.5 acres with 250 linear feet of private beach shoreline. The home is 3,500 SF, with 5 bedrooms, 4 baths, a media room, an office, and over 2,000 SF of outdoor deck space perched above the lake. The commanding 250-degree views of the lake and the Stone of El Peñol are stunning. The house is fully automated with D7 technology-security, music, TV, lighting, and environmental controls, which are all synchronized on your smartphone or tablet. The home is equipped with luxury imported appliances, custom cabinets, marble showers, a hot tub, and exquisite finishes.

Schenkar Luxury Homes are absolutely custom. We strive to deliver the highest quality luxury project paired with a customized customer service experience anywhere in the world.

Recent Press

Schenkar Construction has been recognized for its achievements in sustainable architecture in Colombia, earning a prestigious feature in the latest issue of “Design Hunter” magazine. The magazine highlights Schenkar Construction’s commitment to personalized luxury living, showcasing a residence that epitomizes elegance and sustainability. With a focus on innovative design and meticulous craftsmanship, Schenkar Construction continues to redefine the standards of architectural excellence.

Follow The Whole Process

We documented our project so you can follow the process of building a luxury home in Guatapé. 

About Guatapé

Originally a farming village, Guatapé is a burgeoning town for those seeking both the intrepid and indulgent. This colorful town outside of Medellín is famous for the turquoise waters of the Peñol Reservoir, lush landscape, and vibrant culture. The goliath volcanic rock, La Piedra del Peñol, is a stunning centerpiece providing scenic views of the mountainous region. Yes, you can hike to the top!

While strolling the cobblestone walkways through town, colorful zócalos line the colonial-style shops and homes. These art panels display the traditional storytelling of the village and have helped the town with its namesake of being the most colorful town in the world. Indulge in the local street food and enjoy cocktails on a floating bar!

Water sports are a must, whether that means swimming, boating, jet skiing, or playing on a floating playground. It’s common to navigate to town by the water where you can enjoy a meal in town. Then enjoy a leisurely cruise during sunset, and wind down the evening with calming views of the water.

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